Maxwell Rotbart, founder of History Buffs
Maxwell Rotbart, founder of History Buffs

In 1865, a U.S. President was shot and killed. Seven months later a future president – one who would die in office as well – was born.

In 1865, slavery was outlawed in the United States. Also that year, a man who would enslave and massacre millions of Africans can to power in Europe.

In 1865, two future Nobel Prize recipients were born. So was the Ku Klux Klan.

In 1865, the greatest maritime disaster in U.S. history took place. That same year Alice first went down the rabbit hole.

It was a time of upheaval; a time of change. One hundred and fifty years ago, America woke up on Friday, January 1 as a nation at war. Though we went to sleep on December 31, 1865 at peace, it’s not clear that the racial conflicts of that year ever truly ended.

For the next 12-months, Radio Chavura host and licensed history teacher Maxwell Rotbart will be blogging, Tweeting, and teaching courses about the events of 1865.

Welcome to The History Buffs Club, the virtual gathering spot for Jewish history enthusiasts in Colorado.

With regular history-inspired posts at, blog entries and interviews at this site, and occasional in-person get-togethers, The History Buffs Club is finally a place that those enamored by the social studies can celebrate.

To express your interest in joining The History Buffs Club (ages 13 and up), to recommend a blog entry or interview subject, or to suggest a topic for general discussion, email

View our Presidents’ Day 2015 page <a href="USA (1)“>Our PDF newsletter.


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